Fios in Ohio

FiOS is Not in Ohio Yet :-(
FiOS is Not in Ohio yet. Please read comments from Folks in Ohio and find out when FiOS is scheduled to land in your city. Also include your thoughts on when you think it will be here and also why you think it has not arrived yet. Sign up for our newsletter to be one of the first to know when FiOS finally gets to your neck of the woods. Have they started wiring your City for FiOS? Be the first to write an Article on fibercrap when it arrives in your neighbourhood.
For those wondering about Packages & Prices. See the below. Sorry had to use the banners but it is easier for them to be updated when prices and packages change.
No FiOS at home Yet? No Problem!
For those in areas without Fios, don’t despair. You can get in on the fun too. You can get VoiceWing which is Verizon’s Broadband Phone service. VoiceWing is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service that offers phone service over a broadband Internet connection like DSL, cable, or Verizon FiOS Internet service connection. You don’t have to have Fios to use Voicewing.
You can also get in on Verizon DSL. The speeds are slower than Fios but beats Dial-Up any day! How much do you pay for your DSL or Internet Cable? Check out the DSL package below. Chances are if you have Verizon DSL, you will be the First to know when Fios gets in your Area! At least that was my experience but could have simply been because Fios was new to everyone since I was in one of the first Fios markets
FiOS & Fiber Optics
Most major ISP central offices are already connected Via Fiber (this is not a fact) you will have to check with your Local office to verify this. They only need to run Fiber from the central office to your house to complete the Fiber loop! Fios is way ahead of the game compared to other ISP’s. Typically you get Fios Internet first and as soon as they get a Video Franchise in your community, Fios TV Baby! Caution, Depending on your community, Video Franchises can take a long time finalize. It all depends on the politicians in your town and how hard your Local cable company fights to keep competition out. Read about it in the
Is Fios in My town Article
 100% Digital TV will be streaming down that new FIBER Optics Cable to your door step. Using the new MOCA Technology, it is possible to distribute TV, Internet and Phone through out your House. You can really take advantage of this if you use Media Manager-Read Verizon Unveils Home Media Digital Video Recorder for more info. You think you have seen Digital TV?? Wait till you get a hold of this baby. Even on my Non HD TV the picture is Mucho Clear!
From most reviews people say they see a significant improvement in picture quality when switching to Fios. Now that may or may not be because of the technology used to compress your Video. Jury still out on that :-) Important Note, to experience full HDTV, you will need an HDTV Television and an HD Set Top Box. Fios TV uses the Motorola QIP6200 HD FiOS TV Box as their basic HD Set Top Box. They also offer other STB’s. You can read all about Fios Equipment in FiOS Routers & TV Boxes
Did you know that by the time Fios started rolling out the US was placed 13th in the world when it comes to FTTP/FTTH (Fiber to the Premises) Technology?!!!!!
Do you know what company in the US has a plan and a little bit of money to change all that is?? You guessed it; just happens to be the only company in the US providing Fiber to the Home en Mass. ….Verizon. Key Word en Mass…. They have set aside $18 Billion to get you into the 21st century and catch up with the rest of the world. Put you back in the group of Developing Countries!
Verizon is the Only US Company to partner with Several Asian Companies to lay Fiber cable connecting the US mainland to Asia! Read about it here…Verizon and Asia-pacific Consortium to build Fiber Optics Trans-Pacific Express
Check FiOS Availability
For the folks who don’t have Fios in their area yet, you can get Verizon DSL Now then sit back and wait for Fios Internet, Fios TV and Fios Phone to knock at your Door. Using your Phone or Home address, you can check in from time to time to see if Fios has arrived at your door. You can do it here…
Verizon FiOS Internet Service. Voicewing Broadband Phone can be used with any broadband connection not just Fios. You can use it on DSL, Cable or Fios. The banners below will give you an Idea of what each service will cost per month. You can also click each banner to check availability.

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